Customer Responsibilities

The repair process can be overwhelming, here are a few details of what is typically the customers responsibility:

  •  Have you removed your personal items from your vehicle?
  •  Do you know your advisor's name and phone number?
  •  Did you discuss your repair process with your advisor? (Damages, Service, Length of Repairs, Etc.)

Because of billing and processing time, also due to the problem of growing outstanding debts, it has been necessary for Bill Luke Dodge to implement the following policies:

  • Owner must sign the repair order or Power of Attonery.
  • If you are the insured, payment of your deductible

These conditions must be met before work can begin on your vehicle.

Many times the paying party will send payment for repairs directly to the shop who is doing the repairs.

Payment is usually made in 2 separate drafts:

  •  The first is figured from the total of the original estimate, minus the insured's deductible (if any).
  •  The second reflects the amount of the supplemental repairs.

The first draft is usually written to the owner and the repair facility, or of there is a lien on the vehicle, the owner and the lien-holder. The supplemental draft is usually written payable to the repair facility. In any case the owner is responsible for payment in full, before the vehicle shall be released. This form allows Bill Luke Dodge to endorse such drafts for the owner in the event of his/her absence. These steps and procedures prevent the holding of the customers vehicle after repairs have been completed.


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